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Bonus Season 1 Episode 11 is here: Stop Hittin' Yourself!

Hi there!

Hope your holidays are going well! I had promised to release a bonus episode of the podcast this week, and it's scheduled to drop in just about an hour from now. I tried to choose a thematically appropriate essay for the holiday season and ended up writing about what has been one of the great challenges for me in 2017: buying a set of tires at Costco. As you might expect, it all goes south, fast.

episode 11 header

I also spend some time in this episode reflecting on the lessons learned in producing the first season of the show and share some data I've collected during that time. I realize this content doesn't have as wide appeal for many of you, so I dropped it in at the end, after the main story has played out; feel free to jump ship early.

Finally, I share some of my thinking for Season 2, which I'm hoping will be another ten episodes, starting in early February. If you have any feedback from listening to the first season to share, please do! There's a contact form at, as well as a Submit page where you can record a voice message. You can also reach out directly at [email protected].

Thanks again for listening to the show. It's been an important creative outlet for me this past year, and I'm hoping continues on into 2018.

Until next time, and as always -

Good Times!