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Better late than never: Episode 009: Vote for Pedro is here!

I'm running about 36 hours behind as I write this today. Episode 009: Vote for Pedro will go live in about 15 minutes from now. I was on-track for my regular Sunday-at-midnight release when my wife and daughter went down hard with a nasty stomach virus. I was on bucket duty most of Sunday night, and wasn't able to get to the final edits I wanted to add to this episode. So, here it is on a Tuesday. Maybe I'll learn that this is a better time to release new episodes anyway.

Vote for Pedro is an episode in which I walk through a lot of different pop culture signifiers, connecting up the dots from Napoleon Dynamite to David Puddy to Buckwheat and the Little Rascals to Brooklyn Nets power forward Luis Scola, to the Superfriends to Chief Wahoo. It's a roundabout way to communicate the logic and reasoning behind a decision I made 20 years ago that was more or less unpopular among my friends and family in the 2-1-6. I'm hoping you'll find something to like in it, and even if you disagree with my conclusion, at least understand where I'm coming from. I'm realizing now that there is way more about baseball in this episode than my summary leads you to believe.

Episode 10 is on schedule for next Monday. There's still time for you to head on over to and submit a response to my prompt seeking your crazy teacher stories.

I have less-than-nothing prepared for the Holidays so far this year. It looks like it's going to take a late-inning scramble to get everything together. I'm still holding out hope that I'll get bonus episode 11 in just before Christmas.

Hoping you enjoy the episode, and as always, tell-a-friend all about it.