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Episode 004: Something You Thought You'd Be Good At is here, plus a great fall weekend

Hi friends:

It's Sunday evening as I write to you today, and Episode 004: Trying Something You Thought You'd Be Good At is in the can, and should go live at 8 pm. If you like Fall, football and foibles, this is the episode for you. In it, I tell the story of the time I tried something that I always thought I'd be good at. The results were...mixed. Of the ten episodes set for this season, this was the last one I wrote. I think it's pretty funny, and hope you will too. If you're into schadenfreude, you'll definitely enjoy it.

In many ways, this is the perfect weekend to release this story. It was cold and gray all weekend in central Ohio. The mornings are frosty now, so I cleared out half the garage so my wife can pull her car inside at night, and we carried all the porch furniture down to the basement. Chili cooked slowly all day in the slow cooker, and hit the spot at dinnertime tonight.

On Saturday afternoon, the Ohio State Buckeyes won an impressive comeback victory over Penn State. I have to admit, I only watched the game until the third quarter, when it seemed to me that no matter what the Buckeyes tried to do, they were always two scores behind. It sure felt like Penn State was benefiting from some shaky officiating, too, and I was tempted to tweet "The refs sure seem to fancy Penn State in this game," but I decided against it. Listening to Episode 004 will explain why.

Still, the reason I stopped watching in the third quarter and missed the big comeback was that my 16-year-old son came downstairs and asked if we could go to the movies. I was momentarily and legitimately dumbfounded, because he's been at that age where doing stuff with his parents was kind of anathema. He wanted to see a horror film called Jigsaw, since he had watched the previous 6 films in the series. I am not a fan of horror flicks, and especially not slasher pics, but I am a fan of doing stuff with my son, so off we went to the theater, where we spent $30 on snacks. I'd happily do it again, too.

Jigsaw is about what you think it is. Scary, industrial, with a fairly convoluted plot. If, like me, you haven't seen any of the preceding Saw movies, a lot of the dialogue was lost on you. It seemed they were working hard to connect this specific story to a longer, complicated narrative that I knew nothing about. And in the final act, I'm not kidding, we're treated to almost two full minutes of exposition by the main character explaining how it all fits together. Still, you see a guy's head cut apart by lasers. So there's that.

I had a cherry Icee while we watched the film, and my son had a lemonade. And while we were waiting for the show to start, I suddenly wondered why there is no lemonade-flavored Icee? That sounds pretty good, right? My son thought so too. I was really racking up the Dad points when I thought of that. Your move, Icee people. (Update! It appears there are several lemonade flavors of Icee. It's just that our movie theater only offers Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Coke! If you know of somehwere in central Ohio that carries the lemonade flavored Icee, let me know!)

Anyway, you'll meet my son in a later episode this season, but I just wanted to tell you a bit about him now, on a Sunday evening after a cold fall weekend in Ohio, when I'm feeling grateful and warm and full of chili.

Episode 003 Two Lies and a Truth has performed well, although it has about 50 fewer downloads at the moment than Episode 002: I Are Smart. Still, with a really solid World Series going on, I'm hopeful Episode 003, which is in some respects about baseball, will pick up some more listens. A reminder, you can read the original essays these episodes are based on over at Medium.

Thanks again for listening, and double thanks to those of you who have left reviews on Apple Podcasts. Hoping you all have a great week and enjoy this week's show.

Good times -


PS: France has overtaken Uruguay for outside-the-US downloads! If you're my French listeners, bonjour and merci beaucoup!