Two Lies and a Truth

Episode 003 · October 22nd, 2017 · 25 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

Why do we tell lies? And once you tell a lie, can you just move on with your life? Or does the canard continue to haunt you?

In this episode, I explore lying by diving into a few corkers that I've told over the years. Plus, what it takes to get hit by a pitch in baseball, and listener stories about a basketball career that should have been and a man who may or may not have believed himself to be Jon Bon Jovi.

Music and SFX Credits

SFX sourced from, including:

  • Sounds of Record Player by user luffy
  • Race Car Ambience by Jakob Thiesen
  • Ghost Wind by Cell31 Sound Productions
  • Quarter Tone by tt18x16-mp-hdc
  • Rimshot by jmayhoff
  • Falling Post and Pans by Reg7783
  • Slow Cracking Ice by PhilllChabbb
  • Baseball Hit by pooleside
  • Bleep by ermine
  • Big Elevator Going Down by finalcrystine
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