Not Invited to the Party

Episode 023 · July 9th, 2019 · 1 hr 11 mins

About this Episode

A Meditation on Posterity...One of Pete's old friends is not invited to a party. Dusting off his investigative reporting skills, Pete traces this back to a pair of a purple socks, a flood and an old chair.

This episode heads down to Central Texas, where I drive my editor crazy as a budding sportswriter, take umbrage with a publicity stunt from the local university, learn first-hand how flooding impacts a community, before returning back to Ohio where Pete notices a chair on the verge of setting a world endurance record, comes clean to his wife about a future museum, and thinks for a bit about the relaionship between social media and posterity.

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"I'm Not Myself" by Delicious (feat. Brian Hake and Kevin Davison)

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