Sleeping Late and Speaking French

Episode 017 · February 27th, 2019 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

I revisit some of the dicey decisions I made in my early 20s, and as my son prepares to head off to college, I wonder how I can help him not do the same. Along the way I touch on the burrito buggy, selling plasma, drink-and-drown, quad night at the Junction, French class, spring training, hoodoos at the Grand Canyon, taco eating contests, getting lost,saying cool beans, 8 am classes, Whoppers, Ogre and Mrs. Ogre, the London tube, french fries and the only truth I can seem to grasp after 25 years of beating myself up over one bad choice made in a hot basement corridor.

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Music and SFX in this episode includes:

"I'm Not Myself" by Delicious (feat. Brian Hake and Kevin Davison)
Selections from the website
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