Made-up Words

Episode 001 · October 8th, 2017 · 20 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

Do you have a word that's unique to your family only? Or maybe a funny pronunciation that's carried through from you or your kiddo's childhood? Most made-up words have unique backstories just below their surface.

In this episode, we explore a made-up word that made its way into a high school English class, as well as one from my own childhood that I've been trying to reclaim. Along the way, you're going to hear about a very odd poster hanging in a child's room, swirlies, Russian babushkas, the lamination machine and the Peanuts gang.

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*Music and SFX Credits

Intro and interstitials by Brian Hake
Additional Interstitials by Kevin Davison
"I'm Not Myself" by Delicious, feat. Brian Hake and Kevin Davison
"I Like Peanuts" by

*SFX sourced from, including:

Sounds of Record Player by luffy
Rimshot by jmayhoff
Redial Landline by mshahen
Flush by phreaksaccount
School Ambient by cones
Crickets by Frus
Horn fail wah-wah by taranp
Dinner table by malden
Accordion by lepolainyann
Russian Babushka performed by Jodie Brown

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